If you work as a teacher or education support professional (ESP) for a public school in the state of North Dakota, or for any agency of state government, as well as city and county services, then you are eligible for membership in North Dakota United, the state’s largest and most-effective union of public workers. Join us, and lend us your thoughts, your insights and experiences, your energy and your enthusiasm for the important work you do each day.
Your opinion matters. You work on the front lines of public education and public services in the state of North Dakota. No one knows better than you do on what resources you need to do your job. NDU amplifies your voice with the strength of 11,000 public educators and employees who are members of our union. By your association with NDU, your voice will be heard, by policymakers, legislators and elected officials, by students and parents, by school and workplace administrators, and by the public at large.
The quality public education and public services that our members provide to all our students and citizens is at the heart of what our union strives to do. Every position our union takes, every action we lobby behind is based on us all doing what’s right for the recruitment and retention of highly qualified public educators and employees.
No public worker goes into their profession to get rich. We do what we do for the love of service to our communities and to the people. We love what we do, and our union works ardently to assure all our members can feel safe, not just in their physical and mental well-being, but also in their employment status. We stand behind workers who have been threatened unjustly, and do all we can under the law to protect our members and their professions.