To improve your standard of living and your profession, consider these important reasons to join with the 10,000 members of North Dakota United. It's the best professional decision that you can make for your future and the future of North Dakota public service. Whether you are a K-12 teacher, a tax accountant, a librarian, snow plow driver, a counselor, college professor, an administrative assistant, a teaching assistant, an environmental scientist, a custodian or a bus driver, North Dakota United works tirelessly to improve your economic and professional well-being. 


YOU HAVE A VOICE in your workplace, in your communityt, at the NDU Delegate Assembly, before the Legislature and even in the U.S. Congress. Thanks to the unified efforts of NDU, public workers' needs and concerns are represented and expressed wherever and whenever public-workforce decisions are made.


JOB SECURITY: Even in the tough economic times, thanks to the constant efforts of NDU, members' jobs are protected. Every day, our lobbying efforts are working protecting jobs, salaries, benefits and members' rights.

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MEMBER BENEFITS: It's still true: Membership doesn't cost you; it pays. Membership provides you with a variety of important programs and benefits: attorney referral, liability insurance, car insurance, magazine subscriptions and NDU's own Dues Credit Trust.


YOUR CONTRACT: Thanks to the exclusive efforts of your local bargaining team, supported by your UniServ staff, our K-12 teachers have a solid contract that improves your working, teaching and living conditions ---every single day, every single year.


UNISERV STAFF SUPPORT: As a member, you are never "out there on your own." You always have the support and advice of your UniServ directors to provide guidance, to answer questions, simply to make your job easier. It's good to know that UniServ directors are acknowledged experts in employment law, collective bargaining and member rights. They are experienced and are available to help every member. At all times, professional help is just a phone call away!


PROFESSIONAL GROWTH: Today is an exciting time to be a public employee and educator. Education and public service are facing change like never before. Students have changed. The population in our state is growing in numbers and in need for public services. You are dealing with the most diverse group of people that North Dakota has ever seen. To stay on the cutting edge in professional development, NDU helps members do even more effective jobs when working with students. Check out the NDU Teaching and Learning page on our website, as well as the numerous grants and scholarships available to our members for professional development, which will be announced on our official website. Additionally, our two national affiliates, the National Education Association and the American Federation of Teachers, provide an abundance of opportunities for members from across the country to enrich themselves as professionals and learn from each others' best practices. Sign on today.

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STRENGTHENING PUBLIC EDUCATION: North Dakota's public schools and universities continue to be the best hope for the students enrolled in them. NDU is committed to quality schools, certified professionals, and quality students. And we NEED YOU to be a part of our efforts.


IT'S THE PROFESSIONAL THING TO DO: Simply sign up. Public service and education professionals support and join their professional organization. Just like lawyers, doctors, Realtors and accountants -- our public workers realize that education improves through the efforts of committed professionals working together with common goals and a common vision. NDU cares about you and your profession. Because our members matter, NDU represents you every single day.


VALUABLE RESOURCES: Whether it's the NDU website, our official magazine, United Voices, our Cyberline, NEA's website, NEA Today, and the AFT website, NDU provides a wide variety of free or very low-cost resources to members. NDU also provides the fall Instructional Conference at no cost to members.


Our membership form can be downloaded here. Fill it out, and contact the NDU office at 1-800-369-6332 or 701-223-0450 with any questions you may have. Depending on your worksite and location in the state, you may need to submit this form into your designated local, or directly to NDU. Our office will be able to tell you that information, and get you all set up to join.


We're better together! Join the North Dakota United family today.