I became a member of the Dues Credit Trust as soon as (NDU) provided the service.  My reasons for staying in the DCT program are many -- I like the interest on my money going into my dues rather than into the school district interim fund; I like getting three checks from NDU in the summer; I like having my earned-interest pay a big chunk of my dues for the next year; I like knowing the Dues Credit Trust Program helps NDU financially.  NDU membership allows me access to some of the best minds in education, helps direct my profession and public education, and protects my employee rights.  Knowing what I receive for my dues dollar, I consider my membership dues a great bargain.  DCT makes membership an even better deal!

Mike Porter, Dakota College


Why not control your paycheck and earn interest on your money?  NDU's Dues Credit Trust has been helping members since 1981 develop better budgeting techniques and giving them an opportunity to earn interest on their salary as they earn it.  The interest they earn is generally higher than what an individual can earn because of the "investing power" of Association members joining together to reach a common goal-earning a higher rate of return on their salary while balancing their paycheck over 12 months. 


A participant whose salary is taken on a nine-month basis can invest a portion of each check in the Dues Credit Trust Program.  The Trust will deposit three electronic checks into the member's bank account.  The program offers a great deal of individual flexibility.  There are programs designed for members paid on an 8-, 9-, 10- or 12-month basis.  A special investor program can be tailored to an individual's personal financial situation. 


The August deposit will include interest earnings.  From that check, NDU will automatically deduct any dues and a $5 service charge.


The plan begins October 1 of each year.  All investments are handled through members' personal checking accounts.  They are not payroll deducted by the school district.


The funds received by the Dues Credit Trust are invested in U.S. government securities, FDIC-insured certificates of deposit, money market funds comprised exclusively of U.S. government securities, and in the Bank of North Dakota.


To enroll, contact the NDU office at 701-223-0450 or 1-800-369-6332, or send an e-mail to comments@ndunited.org, and we will help to enroll you.