North Dakota United Foundation promotes educational excellence and quality public services in North Dakota. The Foundation’s goal is to aid educators, public servants and students in achieving greater educational success. The Foundation accomplishes this by providing to individual educators, public servants and college student various grants and scholarships designed to enhance their skills.

The following are the winners of the 2017-18 North Dakota Foundation Awards:


NDU Member/Dependent Scholarship - Abigail Molberg and Alexander Bennett

NDU Education Scholarship - Kirsten Aafedt, Kayla Helbling, Levi Lemer, Kaitlyn Nelson, and Tiffany Towne

NDU Member Grant - Lisa Dullum, Mary McNally, and Missy Miedema

Cindy and Gary Rath Education Scholarship - Braeton Erhardt and Kayla Helbling

Joseph A. Westby Leadership Award - Steven Lau and Holly Fiechtner

Mary Cripps Special Education Scholarship - Mariah Sondrol

Ron & Ann Anstrom Scholarship for English, Math or Science Instructors - Sharon Klein, Robert Lukens, Crystal Michels, Missy Miedema, and Joshua Tormaschy

Bill Oban Special Education Scholarship - Sarah Stoltz