Have you ever had the feeling that things in general would be better if more people thought about things the way you do? Well, you know something? You are right!

North Dakota United knows its members and knows that you are pragmatic, thoughtful, caring and just plain smart! You are exactly the kind of person our legislators and other elected leaders would benefit hearing from.  Your voice and your story can make the difference between effective legislation and leadership and legislation that actually hurts the issues that you care about most.

ND United is committed to making sure the voices of our members are heard and considered. To that end, we are asking you today to become a Member Activist. Signing up is easy! You can do so in under one minute by CLICKING HERE.

Our Member Activists, are the FIRST LINE we call on when your union needs to be heard and to flex its power. You will be the FIRST to receive Action Alerts, asking you to write a letter to a lawmaker, call your legislator or sign a petition. When we are called to action, you are our First Responders! 

We know, you already have plenty to do. We can assure you that being a Member Activist will be impactful without being time intensive. 

So please, sign up today to be a North Dakota United Member Activist! It's fast, it's easy and it will make a positive difference for all North Dakotans!