It’s a fact of life: Every decision that affects public education and public services is a political decision.


That’s why North Dakota United has a comprehensive program to make sure our members’ voices are heard in political decisions on all levels—local, state, and national.


We help elect candidates who support you and the important work you do. And we work with officials once they are elected to make sure your voice is heard through our lobbying and advocacy.


NDU's candidate recommendation process involves hundreds of hours of research, scores of members doing interviews, and an exhaustive process to bring you the best information—always party blind and issue driven.


The bottom line! NDU never tells members how to vote. Instead, NDU provides information members can consider when they decide how to vote.


Just as individual workers can’t challenge the power of their employer without collective bargaining, individual voters can’t change the political landscape without working together.


You can help elect NDU recommended candidates who support you and your work.
Here’s how: 

  • Sign up for a monthly payroll deduction..

  • Talk to fellow members, friends, and family about recommended candidates.

  • Volunteer. Whether going door to door, stuffing envelopes, putting up a yard sign, or hosting a coffee, there are many opportunities to help.

  • Run for office yourself! NDU members make great school board members, legislators and statewide elected officials.

Once the elections are over, NDU goes to work to make sure elected officials know where we stand on issues that affect our members.


Lobbying the legislature: When the North Dakota Legislature is in session, NDU President Nick Archuleta and NDU staff bring our members’ issues to the North Dakota state legislature.


Whether advocating for adequate funding for public education, public services, and members’ pay, benefits, and working conditions, or stopping legislation that would harm our members and their work, NDU's lobbying team works gavel to gavel to represent members at the legislature.


Year-round representation: NDU's leaders and staff work year-round to give you a voice in issues that affect you.


Working with North Dakota's members of Congress, state, county, and school elected officials and boards, NDU's influence is felt across the state. NDU members serve on the local school boards, and as legislators. 


Legislative Districts Map for North Dakota