The Education Standards and Practice Board is the licensing Board in North Dakota.  This Board consists of members who represent a variety of educational entities in the state.  NDU members who currently serve on the Board:  Karen Christensen, Wishek and Mary Eldredge-Sandbo, Des Lacs-Burlington.


Code of Ethics
Types of License
License Application Forms


Mentoring and Coaching
For state mentoring and coaching support and training contact the State Teacher Support System Coordinator
 - Laurie Stenehjem -


Out-of-State License Change
The North Dakota 62nd Legislative Assembly amended North Dakota Century Code 15.1-13-20 which requires new applicants to submit an original valid license from their issuing state. The applicant will receive an Other State Educator License (#18). With this change, which became effective 07.01.11, ESPB no longer conducts a transcript analysis.


Substitute License Change
Because of the difficulty schools have in finding substitute teachers, ESPB recently changed their administrative rules for substitute teaching.  The new rules state that anyone who has a two year degree can apply to become a substitute.  Individuals not highly qualified who hold this license can only teach 10 consecutive days in a classroom.

Praxis Test Rules Change for Highly Qualified
According to a recent change to ESPB's administrative rules, educators who would like to teach at a different grade level or in a different content area can now take the Praxis tests for those areas. If they receive passing scores they will be considered highly qualified to teach at that grade level or in that content area.


Remember to Renew Your License on Time:
The penalty for not renewing your license on time is $100.  The expiration date appears on your license.