By working together for job security, better pay, improved working conditions, dignity and respect on the job, ESP are assured of having their voice heard through their membership in the Association.


Education Support Personnel in several North Dakota school districts have joined their North Dakota united local affiliate colleagues or organized new NDU locals.


Some of the benefits received by these members of the NDU include:

  • Strong representation in grievances to resolve disputes.
  • Training and leadership development.
  • Assistance in obtaining better working conditions.
  • Support of staff and local leaders.
  • Special publications addressing ESP issues.
  • Insurance protection.
  • Recognition of their important contributions to education.
  • Representation and participation at regional and national conferences.
  • Access to Member Benefits programs that help stretch paychecks.
  • Participation on the NDU Board of Directors.


No longer do support colleagues have to go into battle with only courage as their weapon.  By becoming members of NDU, they will have the numbers behind them to strengthen and champion their efforts.  By standing together, we can make a difference in the lives of all our students and members.