As North Dakota has grown, so has North Dakota United. We've moved step-by-step with government, promoting change when change was necessary and tempering it when it worked against what was best for North Dakotans.


One example of our growth as an organization was the decision in 1989 to affiliate nationally with the American Federation of Teachers/Federation of Public Employees. This bold move bolstered our Association's ability to face emerging issues such as the privatization of public services and to extend its lobbying reach to Washington, D.C. where more decisions are being made that affect our jobs. It also added greatly to our consistent drive to bring collective bargaining to all public employees. This will enable us all to have a stronger voice in determining our salaries, benefits and working conditions.


With the merger of NDPEA and NDEA to form North Dakota United, we are the foremost advocate for public worker rights in the state, and we are creating new opportunities for public employees to capitalize upon for improving our careers and the quality of the important services we provide.


Like you, North Dakota United cares for our state, and we know that quality public services are an important part of its promising future. So, while you work to keep North Dakota safe, healthy and on the move, we're working to see that North Dakota recognizes the value of your work and gives you the support and recognition you need to get it done.


In your work site, in the Legislature and in the media, you can count on us to speak out aggressively on public employment issues and to address your individual concerns. But you can also count on us to act responsibly and to seek sensible, long-term solutions that all North Dakotans can live with tomorrow.


Our political action team lobbies the State Legislature every session, promoting sensible legislation to protect our public sector and encourage workers to do good service for every one of our state's citizens, and to keep our public workers in their jobs long-term, protecting the long-term future of our state.


We work closely with the governor and with state, county and city governments, making certain that the voice of our public workers is being heard in the decisions that affect us all. 


Our staff is knowledgeable about the work that public employees do, and we represent and advise our members on issues that come up on the job, including grievance procedures, and protecting salary, health and retirement benefits. We promote the good work that you are doing every day; through organized public relations systems, we tell your stories to the entire state and make sure that you are recognized for everything you do to protect the people of North Dakota.


Perhaps this is why NDU is known both as the most forceful representative of public employees and as a leading advocate of good government. Perhaps it's why you should join and support NDU today.