Why North Dakota United Supports Collective Bargaining

  • Employees will have a stake and voice in how the work is done.
  • Employees will help to decide on wages levels, benefits and working conditions.
  • The contract will be enforceable and both parties will be forced to honor all parts of the agreement.
  • Every worker in the work area will be covered by the contract whether or not a member of the union.
  • When there is a disagreement about worker performance, discipline, etc., specific rules must be followed.
  • When the employee disagrees with any discipline, he/she will be able to appeal.
  • Employees want to be able to make sure that needed services are not sacrificed to save money.
  • The relationship between employees will be more relaxed because each will know their limitations and responsibilities.
  • Even professionals and well paid employees need the ability to protect their jobs, salaries and working conditions.

Concerns of Others About Collective Bargaining

  • There is the perception that managers will lose control and authority over employees.
  • The belief that employees will demand unreasonable wages, benefits and working conditions.
  • The fear that big labor will take over the state and there will be massive work slowdowns and strikes.
  • The fear that all workers will be forced to either join the union or he/she will not be allowed to work in the state.
  • The fear that managers will no longer have the ability to maintain any control over job quality and quantity.
  • The fear that chaos will develop in the work-place.
  • The fear that when the employees have an equal voice, they will stop working and "big labor” will protect them.
  • The fear that collective bargaining will cause division and tenseness in the workplace between employees and employers.
  • The fear that there will not be enough money to fund the union wages and other new benefits which are won in negotiations.