As the state's premier voice for public employee issues, North Dakota United looks out for its members each and every day. On the job, in the worksite, and in the halls of the Capitol during legislative sessions, NDU makes certain that your concerns are heard, and that you receive the respect and fair treatment you deserve.


For our public employees, NDU lobbies for:

* Higher salaries

* Protecting health insurance benefits

* Collective bargaining

* Retirement benefits

* Workers compensation

* Tenure rights


Our public workers also enjoy a wide variety of membership benefits, from our association with the American Federation of Teachers and the National Education Association. Those benefits include:

* Occupational liability insurance

* Insurance programs

* Discounts on products and services

* Scholarships

* Expert advice on employment issues

* Career development opportunities


NDU staff consists of trained experts in labor relations and worker rights. Our organization can work with any of our members on issues that come up on the job, and help to advise and represent you on:

* Grievances - Terminations - Layoffs

* Promotions - Reclassifications - Pay issues

* Health and safety issues

* Workers' rights


We have helped to win significant pay raises for state employees during the last several legislative sessions, as we have pushed the state toward pursuing a market-based approach to compensation, and becoming 100-percent competitive with private-market salaries. As salaries are soaring across the board in North Dakota with the oil boom, it is more important than ever that our elected officials dip into budget surpluses, and pay their public employees a salary that is on par with what those workers could make in the private sector.


We have worked very hard to protect our defined-benefit retirement plan for public workers (NDPERS) and the premium-free health insurance. These benefits would not still exist for our public workers if not for the efforts of our organization and the unified voices of our 10,000 members, speaking out for what is fair.


We are your union. You will always have a voice with us.