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News & Notes

2023 Month of Money Fundraiser

In what has become a holiday tradition, the North Dakota United Foundation annually holds a fundraiser called “Month of Money.”

About The Month of Money

Tickets are sold all across the state by members of our local associations. Each day in the month of December, one name is drawn out to receive a prize of $125. On Christmas Eve and New Year’s Eve, winners receive a $500 prize! Daily winners are also announced on our Facebook and X, formerly known as Twitter, pages.

We'll update this page daily with each new winner. Check back here each day to see if you’ve won.

Thank you for supporting the ND United Foundation.


December 1: Jordan Hollingsworth

December 2: Kristi Brandt

December 3: Bob Wolf

December 4: Bethany Andreasen

December 5: David Kent

December 6: Mike Nider

December 7: Nick Archuleta

December 8: Wini Bauman

December 9: Dennis Hauff

December 10: Kristi Broderick

December 11: Vince Sharbono

December 12: Kristi Brandt

December 13: Holli Eidness

December 14: Carmel Kuhn

December 15: Greg Dalby

December 16: Adella Sampel

December 17: Robert Kisler

December 18: Teghan Rath

December 19: Al Schlag

December 20: Heidi Super

December 21: Jody Luck

December 22: Lucille Weigel

December 23: Marguerite Kent

December 24: Laurie Verbitsky

December 25: Mavis Druse

December 26: Cassie Black

December 27: Sarah Lerud

December 28: Barry Hillius

December 29: Andy Winter

December 30: Kristi Brandt

December 31: Mike Vanhove

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