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Our Leaders

Executive Committee & Board of Directors
Our dedicated Board of Directors comprises passionate educators and public employees from across North Dakota who work tirelessly to champion the rights and well-being of our members. The tie that binds our 11,000+ members together is a shared commitment to the improvement of the economic and professional well-being of public workers, as well as to the improvement of the lives of the North Dakota citizens we serve.
North Dakota United members across the state set Association policy, most notably through an annual Delegate Assembly (DA) Meeting. Between Annual Meetings, the Board of Directors and the Executive Committee are North Dakota United's top decision-making bodies.


Nick Archuleta is the President of North Dakota United. He has been with NDU since being elected President in July of 2013.

Vice Presidents

Alicia Bata is the ND United Vice President of Education. She teaches on interactive television from Cavalier and Park River to four other high schools in northeastern N.D. Gary Feist is the Vice President of Public Employees. He has been a tax auditor for the Office of State Tax Commissioner for the last 30 years.

NEA Director

Brenda Seehafer is the NEA Director representing North Dakota. She is also a Title I teacher from Rolla. She is in her 19th year teaching there.

Board of Directors

Our dedicated Board of Directors is comprised of passionate educators and public employees, as well as those who have retired from their positions as educators and public employees. They work tirelessly to champion the rights and well-being of our members.

Executive Director

Chad Oban is the Executive Director at North Dakota United. He has been with NDU since May of 2015.
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Working together, we will continue to grow, to mobilize, and to make our voices heard. More importantly, your collective action increases the likelihood of success in our efforts to improve the working conditions of our members.
Quote by: Nick Archuleta, ND United President
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We Can't Do It Without You

The foremost benefit of your membership in NDU is your combined power, at the negotiating table with school boards, in the halls of the state Legislature, and in the decision-making process when elected officials and administrators are determining your pay, benefits and terms of employment.

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What’s on Your Mind?

We’re here to help. Our community comes to us seeking tools (guides, reports, trainings, and more) to help answer everyday questions. We’re here to support you in whatever you need.

Keeping the Promise of Quality Public Education & Public Services

With more than 11,500 members across the state, NDU supports equal opportunities for success for ALL North Dakota students, and respect and support for all educators. NDU members are teachers, community college professors, speech pathologists, bus drivers, secretaries, retired educators and student teachers.