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Our Members

Educators, Public Employees, Higher Ed Faculty, ESPs, Retired Members, and Aspiring Educators—we all belong in North Dakota United.
As an educator, public employee, higher ed faculty, ESP, aspiring educator, or retired member, you are fighting the good fight for the future of North Dakota. Your membership and active participation will help us to strengthen the communities that make North Dakota great.
All of the members of our union work together to provide public education and public services to every citizen of North Dakota. Our membership includes K-12 teachers, education support professionals, higher education faculty and staff, state, county and municipal employees, as well as students and retired workers. Together, we share a commitment to the economic and professional improvement of public workers, as well as a dedication to public service and the lives of the North Dakota citizens we serve.

K-12 Teachers

North Dakota United is proud to represent the backbone of our state's education system - the dedicated K-12 educators who shape the future of North Dakota's youth. Our K-12 teachers, work tirelessly to provide quality education and support to students across the state. Together, we are committed to ensuring that every child in North Dakota has access to a world-class education and a bright future.

Educational Support Professionals

Education Support Professional members take care of our children every day and make sure they have the tools they need to succeed in our schools and classrooms. These members include Paraprofessionals, Custodians, Secretarial & Administrative Services, Food Service, Bus Drivers, and many more.

Public Employees

North Dakota United represents the dedicated public servants who tirelessly serve our communities. Our union represents a diverse array of public employees, from civil servants to first responders, who work diligently to ensure the well-being and progress of North Dakotans. Together, we advocate for fair working conditions and the essential services that make our state thrive.

Higher Education Faculty & Staff

North Dakota United’s higher education membership works every day to protect and advance the integrity of North Dakota’s 11 public institutions of higher learning and the working conditions of all faculty and staff employees of the North Dakota University System.

Aspiring Educators

Through its affiliation with North Dakota United, NEA and the NEA Student Program, the SNDU provides college students with assistance, benefits and professional resources. The association gives aspiring educators the opportunity to learn — not only from each other, but also from a network of campus advisors and from the finest professionals in education.

Retired Members

Retired members are those who have retired from a job in a public school system or public service position, but still want to advocate for their professions, public schools, and themselves.
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Working together, we will continue to grow, to mobilize, and to make our voices heard. More importantly, your collective action increases the likelihood of success in our efforts to improve the working conditions of our members.
Quote by: Nick Archuleta, ND United President
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We Can't Do It Without You

The foremost benefit of your membership in NDU is your combined power, at the negotiating table with school boards, in the halls of the state Legislature, and in the decision-making process when elected officials and administrators are determining your pay, benefits and terms of employment.

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What’s on Your Mind?

We’re here to help. Our community comes to us seeking tools (guides, reports, trainings, and more) to help answer everyday questions. We’re here to support you in whatever you need.

Keeping the Promise of Quality Public Education & Public Services

With more than 11,500 members across the state, NDU supports equal opportunities for success for ALL North Dakota students, and respect and support for all educators. NDU members are teachers, community college professors, speech pathologists, bus drivers, secretaries, retired educators and student teachers.