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Legislative Update

2023 Legislative Actions: By The Numbers

The engagement and activism of members within North Dakota United during the legislative session were notably impactful, as evidenced by the diverse array of actions.
Published: June 2023

People Who Took Action - 1,881 

We had 1,881 people submit an action alert this session. Of those, 1,104 were members and 777 were allies in public education and public service. This shows us that we have a small group of dedicated members taking legislative action and sharing our alerts with family, friends, and their communities! Below is a map of where our action alert submissions came from. 

map of north dakota

Emails Sent - 75,449 

ND United members were most vocal about HB 1532 this session, pushing back against the private school voucher legislation by sending 57,507 emails to legislators in opposition and 843 emails to the Governor asking him to veto the bill. Members sent thousands of additional emails to their legislators regarding pensions, school lunches, funding, and other legislation as shown below! Note: these numbers only account for emails sent through our action alerts; many members sent personal emails as well. 

pie chart graph showing the areas people emailed about

Testimonies Submitted - 264 

We had an incredible number of testimonies submitted this session regarding parental rights, vouchers, teacher support, book bans, pensions, tenure, and other issues!

pie chart graph showing the areas people testified about

Lobby Day Attendees - 74 

What better way to be active during the legislative session than to go to the Capitol and talk face-to-face with your legislators? North Dakota United brought 74 members to the Capitol for two Lobby Day events, where members had the chance to participate in a Q&A session with the House Education Committee, talk to their legislators, and sit on the Senate and House floor during the floor session. 

Member-Written Online LTEs - 11 

Vouchers were on the minds of our members who sent letters to the editor. Nine of the eleven letters written by our members were penned in opposition to HB 1532. Another letter was written in support of SB 2239, which would have maintained and invested in the NDPERS defined-benefit pension plan, while the final letter was written in opposition to parental rights bill SB 2260. 

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