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President's Post

Celebrating All Supporters of Public Education

NDU President Nick Archuleta wrote this op-ed, thanking our educators, parents, families, leaders and all education stakeholders for American Education Week.
Published: November 14, 2022

American Education Week 2022

Nick Archuleta is the president of North Dakota United, the professional union of more than 11,000 public educators and employees across the state.

Democracy cannot succeed unless those who express their choices are prepared to choose wisely. The real safeguard of democracy, therefore, is education.” With these words, Franklin Delano Roosevelt related a simple truth: Education is fundamental to the success of our nation. It is in this spirit that we celebrate American Education Week on Nov. 14-18, 2022.

Teachers and education support professionals understand that there is no place like America that embraces the possibilities of the future. North Dakota’s outstanding educators are committed to making sure that the students in their charge have every opportunity to imagine a bright future, achieve their goals and take their place in our society as responsible citizens. At North Dakota United, we witness every day how hard they work and how devoted they are to their kids and communities. American Education Week, celebrated each year in the week before Thanksgiving, provides an opportunity for communities across the country to celebrate educators’ contributions to their communities and get to know the scope of their work on their students’ behalf.

On Monday, schools across our state will acknowledge their teachers and support professionals for their good work. Tuesday is Family Day! We know that involved families are vital to the educational success of our students. We hope that schools invite parents into our schools to learn how they can be advocates for their schools and children. 

Wednesday is all about celebrating our education support professionals. They are absolutely essential to the success of our schools.

Thursday’s theme is Educator For A Day! Today is an opportunity for community leaders to follow Gov. Burgum’s lead and shadow a student for the day to get an up-close and personal view of what the day in the life an actual student entails.

Friday is Substitute Teacher Day. Our substitute teachers do great work every day. Like teachers, subs are in short supply. Today is a great day to ask an administrator what it takes to be a substitute teacher.

On behalf of all of us at ND United, I want to thank teachers, education support professionals, administrators and school boards for their dedication and determination to provide great public schools for all our children as they prepare to take their place as leaders across North Dakota.


Keeping the Promise of Quality Public Education & Public Services

With more than 11,500 members across the state, NDU supports equal opportunities for success for ALL North Dakota students, and respect and support for all educators. NDU members are teachers, community college professors, speech pathologists, bus drivers, secretaries, retired educators and student teachers.